W.A.S.P. (film or limited series)


In 1942, America was at war and the need for pilots was great. 1,074 female pilots answered the call and, for the first time, began flying military aircraft in a special program known as W.A.S.P. (Women Air Service Pilots). By the time the war was over, thirty-eight brave female fliers had sacrificed their lives in service to our country.

W.A.S.P. focuses on a select few: the first group of women – the “guinea pigs” — who championed the W.A.S.P. program at great physical and emotional cost, but who also experienced extraordinary adventures and intense camaraderie. These women are war heroes, who fought on two fronts – both against the foreign enemy and simultaneously against the entrenched sexism of the system at home..W.A.S.P. is the war story we haven’t yet seen: about women who are every bit as brave, flawed, and heroic as their male counterparts.

Photo credit with thanks: Nikolas Muray.